A little about us …


OrganiKare is aimed at bringing completely homemade Organic, Vegetarian, Natural, Cruelty Free solutions for skin and hair care to every home.

We aspire to promote an organic and healthy regime which not only eliminates the use of chemical-laden products, but also incorporates the goodness of nature into our daily lives.

In addition to our love for Organic ingredients,
towards Parabens, SLS, artificial preservatives,
added colours, fillers and basically all chemicals.

Oh and did you know, all our products are
HANDCRAFTED (with a whole lot of  LOVE!)
and CUSTOMISED to suit every individual
user’s skin type (believe us, they’re all so different!) ?

So trust OrganiKare to bring you the best of nature with the highest quality of organic ingredients at the most economical prices.

Have you felt the OrganiKare difference yet ?


is the brainchild of Nidhi Pingala – the 20-something Boss Lady who defines herself as a ‘Dreamer, Believer, Achiever’.

The energetic OrganiKueen behind OrganiKare believes in following her heart, pushing her limits, and leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes ! ✨✨

Narked by  the effect of chemical-laden market products on her own skin, she started switching over to homemade care solutions to nullify the effects caused by years of synthetic cosmetic usage. Within a couple of months, she realised the wonders that ‘Going Organic’ could do.

She now visualises a world where people would stop relying on artificial chemical produce and trust the power of Mother Nature to heal, restore, replenish and sustain.

Nidhi is tirelessly working to make OrganiKare a part of every home because she strongly believes (and backs it up with personal experience) that the answer to all our skin concerns lies in just two words – GOING ORGANIC !